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What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved to the hard drive of your computer when you use a website. Our website use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are transferred to your computer only for the duration of your visit to our website. Session cookies help you to move round our website faster and, if you are a registered customer, they allow us to give you information relevant to the services you receive. These cookies automatically expire when you leave our website or shut down your browser. Persistent cookies are cookies that stay on your computer permanently until you manually delete them.

We may use persistent cookies to:

  • recognise you as an individual customer when you log on to our website;
  • track links you take to our website from other websites;
  • track the number of times you visit particular pages; and control how often you see particular content or information, including notices and advertisements on our website.  

For more information about cookies generally and how they work, please see:

Cookies we use on our site

Cookie Type Description
Persistent This cookie is used to users with consistent functionality.
Persistent This cookie is used as part of a security mechanism.
Persistent This cookie is used to determine whether or not to show the cookie notice.
Persistent This cookie is used to identify unique visitors to the website. This cookie is used by Google Analytics.
__utmb and __utmc
Persistent These cookies are used to establish a session for each visitor to the site. These cookies are used by Google Analytics.
Persistent This cookie helps identify where users of the site have come from such as a search engine or another website. This cookie is used by Google Analytics.